How Do I Remove The Android Version of Padvish Anti-Virus?


  • How do I remove the Android version of Padvish anti-virus?
  • When I select Uninstall for Padvish For Android option in the application list of the phone, it does not allow me to delete the application. Why?


When using Padvish, you add it to your Device Administrators applications.

For this reason, it is necessary that first, take out the program from this mode so android lets you delete the program.

For this matter:

  1. Go to settings> Device Administrators. The place of these settings is different based on the phone model and the Android version, but it is usually along with the place of the Manage Applications or Security settings.
  2. If Padvish is in this list, remove it
  3. On your phone go to settings> Manage Applications
  4. Find Padvish anti-virus and Uninstall it.

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