NSIS Installation Error

Signs and Symptoms 


  1.  NSIS error occurred at the begging of installation (before installation wizard) as shown bel
  2. Message text:
  3. Fast recommended solution:

    1. Download the file again and ensure you receive and transfer the file correctly.
    2. Use a download manager program, if possible.

    Cause of the problem

    1. The most common cause is an incomplete download or crash when downloading the installation file.
    2. Sometimes the file is not properly copied and corrupted when copied to the network or on a flash drive or storage media.
    3. In rare cases, some file-infected viruses may have infected the installation file that results from this error.
    4. The other reason is to place the installation file in a path that uses unconventional non-English characters and prevents the install program from finding its original file.

    Complementary solutions 

    1. Download the file again and make sure to receive and transfer it properly.
    2. Use a download manager, if possible.
    3. Place the installation file in a simple path (without non-English characters).
    4. If there is still a problem after re-transfer and ensuring the correct receipt and transfer, use the cleanup programs available on the Padvish site to detect the system virus.

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