How Can I Prevent a Program From Connecting to The Internet Using a Padvish Firewall?


  1. Is it possible to prevent a specific program from connecting to the internet using Padvish anti-virus?
  2. How can I control the connection of programs to the internet using a Padvish firewall?


Yes, the Padvish firewall enables you to control a program connected to the internet.

For this you have to set the firewall settings rule of the program:

  1. Go to Padvish settings> Network tab
  2. Bellow Firewall title select Application Rules
  3. Here you can see a list of rules which apply downward. So, if you set a rule for a program, it is better to place it at the top of the list.
  4. Create a new rule:
    • First, create a suitable name
    • Select the desired program path ( note that this path must be complete. Preferably use the search button).
    • Select the desired decision: Allow or Block
    • You can set other conditions of the rule. (For instance: remote port No., connection direction, etc.) If you do not set other rules, all connections of this program will include this rule.
    • Also, you can activate logging for your rule.
    • Add this rule to the list, by selecting OK.
  5. Move the rule to the top of the list, using the up and down button.
  6. Close the windows by selecting the OK button.
To test the rule you have entered, you can go to the Reports tab in the Firewall window, if you activated the logging.

If you would like, you can set the Padvish firewall on Question mode. In this mode, Padvish as soon as a program connects to the internet will ask you and are able to add your desired rule to the list:

  1. Go to Padvish Setting> Network
  2. Bellow Firewall select Application Rules
  3. At the end of the list, you will see two default options:
    • Internal connection default– it is for the connection that will be made from the network to your system. Applications such as sharing files, web servers, database server, Torrent, etc.
    • External connection default– it is for the connections that your system software have to network. Such as browser, visiting sites, download, and upload, chat, receiving software updates, etc.
  4. Most connections are in the second field (external) and usually, servers need to have internal connections.
  5. Here you can set one or both defaults on Question mode.
  6. Then, as soon as a program connects from/to the network Padvish block this connection and asks you what decision you need to make in the future. Answering these questions will result in creating new rules in the list of rules in the Firewall tab.
  7. Any time you need, you can go to Firewall> Application Rules and add/remove any desired rules.

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