Troubleshooting Task Upgrade When The Task Has Been Successfully Completed But The Client Has Not Been Updated

Signs and symptoms

  1. Choose and run client upgrade tasks in the Padvish management console. The task report shows that the operation was completed successfully, but the client is connected to the previous version in the Managed Computer section and is not upgrade.
  2. In some cases, an upgrade can be done from the client and with no problem.

Fast recommended solution

  1. Possibility of agent file corruption: be sure that the uploaded agent file is healthy. (again, do the Upload Push Install Agent correctly)
  2. Possibility of miscellaneous anti-virus or a block in the installation: if there is a miscellaneous version of anti-virus on the client, the new version is not allowed to upgrade and incompatible antivirus must be removed.
  3. If your client version is before 2.5.488.4342, reset the client once, and re-test the upgrade.


In general, the task upgrade will be considered completed from the Padvish management console when the client received the new version of the installation file.

  1. In case that the installation file is corrupted, the client will receive and run it but the installation will not run.
    • The sign of this problem is that the Push Install will also not run.
    • To overcome this problem, you need to upload the correct Agent file to Console by Upload Push Install Agent option.
  2. If there is a blockage for upgrading in the client system, for instance, a miscellaneous antivirus is detected on the system, the upgrade will not be done.
    • To discover the problem from the console, run the Discovery task on the client once, and convey the results on the Other AV column.
    • Remove, if there is a miscellaneous antivirus.
    • If the problem is not an installed miscellaneous antivirus, running the Padvish installation file (installation file with user interface) on the client can specify the reason.
    • Note: in the versions after 2.5.588.4655, upgrades are allowed alongside another antivirus. (New installation is not permitted but the upgrades are allowed) as a result, you will not have this problem if you upgrade to this version or higher.
  3. In previous versions 2.5.488.4342, if while receiving the new version file from the server, the client connection is lost for any reason (such as weak connection link), due to lack of error control, the handle of the installation file is left on the client and another client Will not receive the new version and will not upgrade.
    • This situation will resolve with a restart.
    • This issue has been resolved on clients higher than 2.5.488.4342. Unfortunately, since the problem is with the previous client and the new version is not received, the previous client must be fixed by resetting or the upgrade must be done manually.
    • To reduce the occurrence of errors in weak networks, build and run the upgrade task on multiple clients to multiple clients

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