Discovery And Push Install Requirements For Padvish Management Console


Padvish management console can discover and extract existed systems information in your network and run the Push install on the client systems. This can possible by listing from existed one or more active directories in the organization as well as the IP Range. This topic demanded requirements for using this feature is expressed.

Network requirements to Push Install

If you wish to have the possibility of Discovery and Push install in Padvish management console to install clients, you must have followed accesses:

Requirements Details
Accessing server to Port TCP/445 of clients In all cases
Existence an account with access to the administrator on the destination (domain-domain) In all cases
Full access of the mentioned account to the Admin$ folder In all cases
The accession of client listing of active directory Only for installation/Discover by domain
Accession to the client with port 13911 of the Padvish management console Only for installation (you don’t need it for discovery)
All the above terms are for domain member clients (Active directory) and in a normal situation they do not need any change in settings.
Please study the Padvish management console installation requirements.

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