How To Back Up And For How Long It Will Stay In Padvish Management Console


What is the automatic backup of the Padvish management console database and in which and for how long these backups will maintain?


  1. Padvish management console back up its database (including clients and groups information, logs and settings, etc.) at 2 a.m., daily and by default.
  2. The default backup storage path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Amnpardaz\Server\DBBackup
  3. Back up time and back up storage path can be changed in Server Settings > Backup Settings
  4. To delete old backups, the Padvish management console using follow algorithms:
    • No backups will be deleted for two weeks. As a result, the backup will maintain daily for two weeks.
    • After two weeks, backups will maintain weekly for a month. (From the second week until the end of the sixth week, only one backup will maintain each week).
    • After two weeks + one month, that backups will maintain monthly for a year.
    • Thus in total, 14 daily backups, 4 weekly backups, and 12 monthly backups will maintain.
  5. In addition to the above mechanism, there is a volumetric maximum for maintaining backups, that backups will be deleted if the volume passes the maximum.
    • This maximum adjusted to 25 gigabytes by default.
    • The maximum is determinable by following Registry Key:
    • Value: BackupSizeSoftLimitGB of the type of DWORD
    • The adjusted number in this key is the volumetric maximum value on a gigabyte scale of maintaining backups. ( number 25 will consider 25 gigabytes)

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