How Do I Reset Padvish Management Console Display To Default?


  1. The columns of the Managed Computers table (or any other tables) of the Padvish management console is cluttered or moved. How do I reset the console to default?
  2. One of the columns is not displayed. How we can fix this problem?


The way and order of displaying different table columns in the Padvish management console will be stored in your user profile in windows, so each time you open the console, you can view the console with your desired appearance and arrangement.

If for any reason you wish to reset your console to default, it is enough to delete this information in the Windows registry:

Important note: doing this demands changing in Window registry. A wrong change will lead to a problem in your Windows, so act with awareness and precaution.
  1. Close the Padvish management console if it is close.
  2. Run Windows resister Regedit
  3. Go to follow key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\AmnPardaz\Padvish Management Console\UI
  4. Under this key, you will see some keys named ProfileSetting.0, etc… Delete all these of this sub-key which is started with the ProfileSetting
  5. Open Padvish management console. Now displaying columns and user interface.


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