Anti-Crypto DataCop Does Not Back Up Any of The Drivers (Error:0x8004230c)

Signs and Symptom

  1. You will receive the following errors for all drivers in Padvish DataCop:
  2. The last column of the table (last error) shows one of the following errors:
  3. Pay attention to error No.0x8004230c or 0x80042302 or 0x80070422

Quick solution

  1. Hold on to the keyboard and run services. msc.
  2. Find Volume Shadow Copy Service. Change this service to Manual, if it is in Disabled mode.
  3. Find Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider. Change it to Manual if it is in Disabled mode.
  4. Refer to Padvish again and test backing up.


The cause of this problem is disabling the VSS server of Windows. For this service to work properly, you need to set it to Manual mode (Default mode).

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